AirTouch F20



The softest mask we’ve ever designed, with UltraSoft memory foam cushion
The pad is lightweight, breathable and designed to seal at a variety of therapy pressures
Modular frame design allows you to conveniently swap the pad with the AirFit 20 InfinitySea

  • Softer, The AirTouch F20 is the first ResMed mask to use patented UltraSoft memory foam technology to achieve the ideal combination of comfort and performance. The AirTouch F20 provides unprecedented comfort and a lightweight, breathable seal, even at high pressures. With its modular frame design, you can conveniently switch between AirTouch 20 and AirFit 20 InfinitySeal memory foam cushions, without having to remove the mask frame, until you find the best option for each patient.
  • QuietAir ventilation technology, our innovative ventilation diffuser technology in the elbow of the mask, makes the AirFit F20 89% quieter.
  • Quick and easy maintenance, with the AirTouch F20, maintenance is quick and more than simple. No need for soap or water: a quick wipe with an alcohol-free cloth keeps the memory foam clean. That’s enough. And with regular pad replacement, patients experience a fresh feeling every time, like clean sheets or a new razor.


The price in the case of equipment and consumables varies according to the quantities requested, to know the cost contact our sales agent

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