The ResMed Pixi Pediatric Mask is specially designed for children from two to seven years of age. The Pixi incorporates features that increase comfort and promote treatment acceptance by pediatric patients, and is designed based on anthropometric data that allows bone structure, facial characteristics and skin sensitivity of the patients to be taken into account. children, to minimize pressure on delicate faces. The Pixi pediatric mask also offers comfort and safety features that give parents and caregivers peace of mind.

  • Constructed using specific anthropometric information of children from 2 years of age.
  • It has a compact and adjustable harness designed especially for children.
  • It takes into account the bone structure, facial characteristics and the sensitivity of the children’s skin to reduce pressure on sensitive points on the face.
  • The harness is designed with 3 adjustment points: at the top, bottom and at the sides.
  • It fits children of various ages.
  • The headgear stays away from eyes and ears to reduce obstruction and irritation.
  • It has no small parts that can hurt or suffocate.
  • With emergency release clasp that allows it to be removed if necessary.
  • Its cushion is soft and comfortable, with a thin and simple silicone wall that reduces pressure on the child’s face without affecting the seal.
  • The tube has two positions.
  • The hose is elastic and flexible that bends and stretches easily so that it does not get caught while the child moves or moves.
  • Available in only 1 configuration


The price in the case of equipment and consumables varies according to the quantities requested, to know the cost contact our sales agent

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