Quattro Air



The ResMed Quattro Air is the lightest face mask on the market today. It is built on the proven performance and reliability of the Mirage Quattro, in a significantly lighter and more comfortable design that is also easy for patients to use. The patented double-wall pad incorporates Spring Air technology to reduce pressure on the patient’s nose while preserving a high-performance seal.

  • Effective. The forehead rest with flexible fin does not weigh down the face and offers just enough stability for a reliable seal.
  • Easy to use. Having only four pieces simplifies installation, titling, cleaning and assembly.
  • Silent. Diffuse circular ventilation gently moves air away from the patient and those sleeping next to them.
  • Comfortable. The SoftEdge harness design features excellent rolled edge fabric that provides extra protection against facial marks.
  • Practice. The quick-disconnect elbow detaches from the equipment without patients having to remove their mask, allowing them to get out of bed and easily reconnect to the CPAP equipment when they return.


The price in the case of equipment and consumables varies according to the quantities requested, to know the cost contact our sales agent

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