Swift FX



The ResMed Swift™ FX Nasal Pillow Mask offers effective sleep apnea treatment in a lightweight, discreet design. Minimal contact with the face provides a feeling of freedom during treatment, and the mask’s sleek silicone headgear does not interfere with the patient’s look or feel. Designed with a simple three-piece structure, it is easy to position, adjust and wear, making sleep apnea treatment less intimidating and easier for the patient to accept.

  • Intuitive. The Swift FX saves valuable time for doctors and sleep professionals. Once the correct pad size is selected, adjustment is minimal.
  • Stable. The mask stays in place and maintains an effective seal, even at high treatment pressures.
  • Easy to use. Composed of only three pieces, the Swift FX nose pillow mask is easy to handle and clean.
  • Comfortable. The silicone headgear is soft and flexible, and easily bends to fit the patient’s face.
  • Suitable for the patient. The design of the Swift FX makes it immediately attractive to the patient, with a non-intimidating appearance that promotes acceptance and compliance.


The price in the case of equipment and consumables varies according to the quantities requested, to know the cost contact our sales agent

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