Swift FX Bella



The ResMed Swift™ FX Bella Nasal Pillow Mask is designed to offer sleep apnea patients a custom fit and personal comfort. Designed with innovative Bella loops that fit gently and securely around the ears, this mask is easy to adjust, put on and wear, helping patients adhere to treatment. The minimalist design reinforces the feeling of freedom, while the flexible and continuous shape fits firmly to the contours and movement of the face. Optional soft covers are also offered to further enhance comfort.

  • Adaptable. The mask’s unique loops fit around the ears and are easy to wear with different hairstyles.
  • Adjustable. The intuitive design of the mask ties makes them easy to adjust and use. The single harness buckle has clearly marked notches for easy adjustment. The standard Swift FX harness is also included in the package as an additional option.
  • Comfortable. Designed with exceptional softness, simplicity and stability, the Swift FX Bella features pink soft covers to provide additional protection against facial marks.
  • Flexible. The soft, narrow pad with integrated flexible chamber allows you to sleep comfortably on your side and maintains a seal during movement.

Effective. The double-walled nose pads seal on contact for a soft, comfortable fit that’s still stable, secure and reliable.


The price in the case of equipment and consumables varies according to the quantities requested, to know the cost contact our sales agent

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